The Marrickville Ritz Hotel is serving a masochistic masterpiece. The Ritz Killer Burger has four meat layers: two meat patties, succulent pork belly and a chicken fritter. Then add cheese, pickles, chilli compote and jalapeños. Surrounded by a heap of hearty chips, the whole dish weighs more than a kilo.

Rob Hastings, operations manager and lover of excess, knows who’s tempted by this challenge. “Guys with eyes too big for the belly, who want to bang their chest and have a crack at it.” Whether this fits your profile or not, expect your mouth to be burning by the end of it. “I like my chilli,” laughs Hastings. “A lot of people can eat a big meal – this is an extra challenge inside.”

Gluttony aside, this dish is carefully layered using fresh, quality produce. Hastings says, “We order in [the ingredients] and use them that day. We get the bread from down the road in Marrickville; we’ve been with them since we opened.” The pub will also start bringing in produce from adjacent grocer Banana Joe’s over the coming weeks. “The inner west is all about supporting your neighbour,” says Hastings.

Hastings reminisces over the success of kilo rib-eye challenges. He’s confident there are those willing to challenge their digestive fortitude.

The Ritz Killer Burger is available Wednesday nights, from 5pm–9pm.

The Marrickville Ritz Hotel
252–254 Illawarra Road, Marrickville
(02) 9558 1620

Mon to Sat 10am–midnight
Sun 10am–10pm