There should be a competition for the most delicious barbequed chicken skin in Sydney. If it ever happens, Paradise Road Kitchen has a shot at winning.

It’s the new venue from David Owen and Gaudi Diaz, who also own American restaurant Paradise Road Diner. With this one, the influence is the great Australian tradition of the chicken shop. “It was a chicken shop before this,” says Owen. When it went for sale the team jumped at the chance. “The whole idea was to still do a takeaway shop, just make it better,” he says.

It’s not the first venue to recreate the chicken shop; Juicy Lucy and The Paddington reference Sydney’s old-school takeout joints. “It's good timing because Sydney is seeing a revitalisation of the roast-chicken dinner. There’s a few people doing it, which is really cool to see,” says Owen. Cooler is the fact that everyone is doing it differently. Juicy Lucy with South East Asian flavours, The Paddington with deluxe pub grub and Paradise Road Kitchen with old-school Continental recipes.

“Almost every single recipe in our new kitchen is from my grandfather or Gaudi's nonna or Gaudi's mum. It's all got a story behind it,” says Owen. The focus is definitely on the rotisserie, filled with roast lamb; herb-rubbed Italian pork shoulders and whole chickens from Vic’s Meats. The glass counter is filled with salads, sweets and snacks made from the duo’s family recipes. From Diaz’s mum there’s a soft-centred Spanish tortilla; from Owen and his family a tiramisu and an English bread-and-butter pudding. “Don't tell my mum this – we've taken it and made it a little bit better.”

Because it’s mostly takeaway orientated, the space itself doesn’t have the same homey vibes as the menu. The fit-out is, with the exception of a large chicken mural and a few wooden tables, pretty close to a classic chicken shop – rotisserie at the front, salads on view and not much else.

Paradise Road Kitchen
262 Campbell Parade, Bondi
(02) 9130 8884

Mon to Sun 11am–8.30pm