Peter Kypreos, Marcelo Garrao and Michael Fantuz, the guys behind Darlinghurst favourite Bufallo Dining Club, will open Johnny Fishbone on Thursday. The new 46-person venue (possibly 55 with some standing) will be in the former Hinky Dinks site.

“We decided to open a new joint because Buffalo was so busy. There’s still an hour-and-a-half to two-hour wait over there,” says Kypreos. The venue will cater to the people who can’t get into Buffalo right away.

“We have a door person who’s going to walk you over, set you up at Johnny Fishbone where you can have a bit of a drink,” he says. “When the table’s ready you can come back over. It ends up being a whole experience.”

Unlike the rustic trattoria-style Italian served at Bufallo, Johnny Fishbone will be a Spanish tapas-style wine parlour with a focus on seafood.

Oysters, ceviche and white anchovies on rye crackers with a roasted-pepper- and-caper mayo will be the sorts of dishes served from the bar.

From the kitchen, expect more substantial offerings, such as spatchock, snapper fillets and a pasta dish. “We’re doing a pasta, because, well, it’s Buffalo Dining Club, people would be pretty disappointed if we didn’t.”

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The wine-list is 60 strong, with 10 whites and reds by the glass. A selection of five cocktails will change every few weeks. There is also the option to come just for drinks at the bar.

The interior mimics a 1920s New York bar, and is the work of Dianne Fernandes, who did Bufallo. It’s a simple palette of dark timbers, marble tabletops and pale-green leather seats.