This week, we visited Santa Barbara, where bartender Dave Kerr conducted our third and final bartender masterclass. Upon learning a few cocktail-making fundamentals, we found out how to make the most of a few seasonal and readily available ingredients to create some summer drinking essentials.

Based on a few key criteria, we were shown how to really get creative in our own homes. Firstly, with a quick lesson in thermodynamics, participants learned the cause and effect of quality ice and learned to appreciate that a range of cocktails with fancy names are actually achievable (and a whole lot of fun) to recreate at home, when the steps are broken down.

Indeed, by adding some quality seasonal fruit, a selection of basic spirits and, of course, a few considered Schweppes mixers, the process proved to be much smoother than one might think. Most importantly, we were taught that a touch of experimentation never goes astray.

Many thanks to Dave Kerr and Santa Barbara for their time, knowledge and inspiration.

Recipes from the day are below, but for more creative inspiration simply visit Cocktail Revolution HQ.

Lynchburg Lemonade

• 45ml Jack Daniel’s
• 15ml Cointreau
• 15ml lemon juice
• Schweppes lemonade
• ice

Pour Jack Daniel’s, Cointreau and lemon juice into a tall glass, fill with ice and top with lemonade to finish.

Passionfruit Collins

• 60ml tequila
• 20ml fresh lemon juice
• 15ml passionfruit pulp
• ice
• Schweppes soda water

Combine tequila, lemon juice and passionfruit pulp in a glass and top with ice. Complete the cocktail with a topping of soda water.

Santa’s Sleigh

• 30ml Jim Beam Rye
• 30ml sweet vermouth
• 8 leaves mint
• lime wedge
• ice
• Schweppes dry ginger ale

In a tall glass, pour Jim Beam and sweet vermouth over ice. Add mint leaves and lime wedge and top with dry ginger ale.