Behind a heritage-listed building in Pyrmont, posters of Tupac and Biggie watch a basketball hoop. The hoop is part of the theme at Kristi and Geoff Bannister’s recently opened cafe, Mug Life.

“There’s a bit of a hip-hop vibe,” says Kristi. “It’s inspired by growing up in the ’90s, listening to this kind of music.”

The pair behind Dr. Dough Donuts has created an intimate space where angles – from the pentagonal logo to the black-and-white diamond tiles on the bar – are everywhere. Exposed bricks, original floorboards and massive windows add a sense of age to the minimal space.

Drinks, as the name of the cafe suggests, are king. “Across the country, having great coffee is the minimum,” says Kristi. “For us, it’s about what do you do beyond that”

Draft Coffee is served on tap as a nitrogen-infused cold brew, or in any other regular incarnations. Tea, by Cha Cha Tea, can be ordered sparkling with lychee boba (bubble-tea balls); in a tea shake; or hot, either as a latte or straight. And there are milkshakes; designed to match the doughnut offering, flavours include popcorn, margarita or peaches and cream. Feel free to “pimp” these with either beetroot hibiscus or matcha cream.

There are 14 varieties of doughnuts by Dr. Dough Donuts, and Mug Life offers toasties (chicken with wasabi mayo, and a peanut butter, banana and marshmallow number); a handful of breakfast items; and Pop-Tarts. And they’re open until late, every day.

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“Maybe we’re stupid because every other cafe closes up at 5pm,” says Geoff, “but we feel we attract a different customer by doing this.”

The pair have opened a second Mug Life in Potts Point in the old Barrio Chino site, stay tuned for details.

Mug Life
308 Harris Road, Pyrmont

Hours: Mon to Sun 7am–10pm