Growlers are great. The refillable two-litre takeaway bottles are an eco-friendly way of consuming beer. They also make it possible for ale to be obtained directly from small breweries that lack sophisticated bottling equipment.

The problem with growlers is that they get dirty. They also get empty. Sam Taylor knows this. And he’s here to help. He’s the man behind the Newtown Growler Depot, the star of which is Rosie, a one-of-a-kind growler cleaning, sanitising and filling machine (he’s also the man behind the Vic on the Park’s Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Festival).

The custom-built machine can be hooked up to 12 different kegs – meaning you can effectively visit several different breweries all without ever leaving King Street. Rosie’s other claim to fame is that it cleans and sanitises empty growlers – which can get notoriously filthy. A swap-and-go growler service is also available.

Taylor says that growlers filled at the Depot will result in beer that lasts longer than if it had been delivered straight from the keg. “Traditionally, growlers are filled directly from a tap, which means that the beer must be consumed within hours of purchase,” explains Taylor. “With Rosie, beer is pressure-filled into the growler, keeping it fresh for at least three weeks, so you don't have to drink it the minute you get home.”

Currently, the Newtown Growler Depot offers craft beer from local brewers such as Young Henrys (including its Newtowner ale which is only available on tap in the 2042 postcode), Batch Brewing, The Grifter and Willie the Boatman. “We definitely want to help local producers. Around Newtown these days there is a host of great breweries – and we want to support them and see them grow.”

The Newtown Growler Depot
Newtown Wine Shop, 145 King Street, Newtown

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