A quiet storefront, sandwiched between the small bars and bookshops lining Glebe Point Road, has become the home of new cafe and brew bar, Brewristas.

Inside there is a simple set up, with white walls and wooden place settings leading out to a wooden back deck, which is filled with students well into the evening.

“There aren’t a lot of cafes in the area that are open past 3 or 4pm,” explains co-founder Katharine Suy. The four-man team at Brewristas (consisting of Suy, Denny Luong, Kevin Ly and Steven Wong) wanted to change that, giving people a place to sit for a late-night brew of a different kind.

The concept is similar to that of Surry Hills staple Paramount Coffee Project, with an emphasis on different aspects of coffee brewing, demonstrated with the espresso bar fronting the shop and the brew bar bringing up the back.

“There are more than a few ways to brew coffee,” laughs Suy, and by employing a few of these techniques at a time, the Brewristas team hopes to slowly educate its clientele on the differences between each brew.

Currently on offer are cold drips, cold brews, Vietnamese coffee and more. In fact, the menu boasts a full page of non-frothed coffee including bottled Cold Brew, Brewtea, and Brewmonade – a mix of coffee and lemonade for those with a sweet tooth. There are also plans to bring in a series of guest beans from a variety of origins and influences, which will grace the menu as an addition to Brewristas’ own roasted beans.

As for food, most of the dishes bring an Asian influence to traditional Aussie cafe fare. Perhaps the most popular being Kevin’s Balls: juicy pork belly, bound with sweet potato and rolled in crunchy shim ramyun noodles. For something more substantial, dig into the Porky Pig’s Hotteok, an open sandwich topped with bacon, poached egg, guacamole and honey jam settled atop a fluffy Korean pancake (hotteke).

All treats and brews are available throughout the day and into the evening, so Sydneysiders can rest assured that there is a decent brew available for their after-dinner caffeine hit.

73 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 8am–2pm, 6pm–10pm
Sat 9am–12am
Sun 9am–9pm