Tucked into the back of the gutted paper warehouse now known as The Fountain is the comfortably rustic Bread & Circus. Danny Goldstein and Amanda Bechara launched this healthy and delicious little nook just before Christmas and as the New Year rolls in, they’re drawing quite a crowd of regulars for their healthy, veg-centric, options and market-influenced fare.

Poked into the sunny back corner of what promises to be a foodie precinct, the warehouse is an ideal space for an eatery as relaxed as Bread & Circus, with its daily changing menu, and you can’t help but smile at the strategically placed eggplants, pumpkins or lemons that grace the rough wooden tables.

The wholefoods cafe has been a long-standing dream for Bechara and Goldstein, who walked away from their respective fields of law and chemistry to take on the hospitality dream.

There’s something mildly Alice in Wonderland about the giant pieces of cutlery that grace the counter, reminding us that food can be such fun when we take the time to enjoy it.

Being right next to the Don Campos outlet in the same warehouse means that there’s no coffee on their menu, but there is a selection of teas, and if you just can’t do without your caffeine hit, you can bring your Campos from next door.

The floor staff shine with wellbeing, Bison crockery adorns the tables, agave is used freely to replace sugar and every ingredient has an eye for the natural and unrefined. It’s impossible to leave without feeling nurtured, well fed and healthy to boot. Keep an eye out for the cloud eggs floating in baked ricotta, the morning jumble of bircher and granola, or lunches of mozzarella with grilled zucchini and polenta. It’s all the good stuff.

And given that the name itself comes from the Roman idea that popular approval can be created through delightful diversions (like food and entertainment), we can only say that we like their politics.

Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen
21 Fountain Street, Alexandria (inside The Fountain warehouse)

Mon to Fri 6.30am–4pm
Sat & Sun 7am–4pm