Have you noticed the new food joint in your neighbourhood has a pretty limited menu? You’re not alone. Throughout the country more and more food outlets are choosing to be specialists—to do one thing and do it well. And we don’t mind at all.

1. Entrecôte – South Yarra, Melbourne
Entrecôte specialises in premium grilled porterhouse steak, vinaigrette-laced green salad and bottomless fries, better known as steak frites.

31–133 Domain Road, South Yarra, VIC
(03) 9804 5468

2. Mozzarella Bar, My Way – Bondi, Sydney
Inside his pizza shop in Bondi, Orazio D’Elia has opened a speciality mozzarella bar.

The Hub 75–79 Hall Street, Bondi, NSW
(02) 8090 6969

3. Maillard – Fitzroy North, Melbourne
An eatery dedicated entirely to the feel-good properties of toast.

2/347 St George’s Road, Fitzroy North, VIC


4. Lune Croissanterie – Elwood, Melbourne
Delicate and intricate, these croissants are meticulously measured and baked to perfection by former F1 aerodynamicist, Kate Reid.

29 Scott Street, Elwood VIC
(03) 9077 6463

5. King of the Wings – Brisbane
This Brisbane food truck serves chicken wings and chicken wings only, in a small but delectable range of flavours.

Brisbane, QLD
0433 177 478


6. Belle’s Hot Chicken – Fitzroy, Melbourne
Nashville-style hot fried chicken is the game here, with spice levels ranging from “Southern” to “Hot” to “Really F**kin’ Hot”.

150–156 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, VIC
(03) 9077 0788

7. Chaco Bar – Surry Hills, Sydney
This is yakitori heaven. It serves roughly 16 styles of delectable Japanese-style meat skewers and only a handful of other nibbles.

238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, NSW
(02) 9007 8352

8. The Crab Club – Sorrento, Victoria
Geoff Lindsay’s crab party—soft-shell crab sliders, crab salad, and steamer baskets of fresh mud, Atlantic king, blue swimmer and sand crab—will return to the Victorian coast this summer.

3943, 9 Esplanade, Sorrento, VIC
(03) 9531 4900

9. La Piadina – North Bondi, Sydney
Piadina is a flat-bread dish from northern Italy. If you’re in the mood for Italian and you’re looking for pizza or pasta, this is not the place.

106 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach, NSW
(02) 9300 0160

10. Knafeh Bakery – mobile, Sydney
This mobile off-shoot of the Shisha Bar & Grill in Croydon Park is devoted to the knafeh – a traditional dessert from Jerusalem described by its maker as, “Sweet cheese semolina pudding with a fine crumbing mixture on top that is baked crisp to create a crunchy, crumble coating with a hot, oozing centre.”