Shane Kent is a ceramicist who has created tableware for Andrew McConnell’s renowned restaurants in Melbourne and artwork for Print Hall’s flagship restaurant in Perth

“I've just founded a new studio school in Brunswick, Melbourne: SoCA, The School of Clay and Art. It's a place where people can learn deeply about the craft and art of ceramics. There is a lot of interest in ceramics that has come with the renaissance of craft and the handmade. People can do short courses but if they want to take ceramics more seriously there aren't many options available since most of the TAFE courses have closed. I started looking for somewhere to open a school 12 months ago and found a place earlier this year. Now it's operating. It's 400 square metres in an old warehouse. It's lovely.”

Shannon Fleming is head chef at Adelaide’s Orana and ADL restaurants

“One thing I desperately need to upgrade is my knife box. I have a big bulky toolbox that dates back to my early cheffing days. It just gets in the way and the Orana kitchen isn’t big by any stretch of the imagination. The guys at work hate it. I would love to upgrade to a more travel-friendly, soft leather roll with enough space for all of my essentials – you gather so many different knives and kitchen bits over the years. I’m looking at Kangaroo leather and trying to source a local leather smith at the moment.


Brad Johnston is head chef at Perth’s Print Hall Bar & Dining Room

“I’m getting closer to 30 and I’m slowly leaving the typical early-twenties chef’s lifestyle behind me. I’ve improved my work-out regime and already have a few adventure races under my belt. In turn my approach to food – cooking and eating – is becoming more organic and healthy.”

Ryan Lane is bar manager at Brisbane’s The Gresham


"Moving into a new house, with a backyard for my for kids to run around in."