In 2015, every Australian who appreciates food expects education at the swipe of a touchscreen. An increasing range of food and drink-related smartphone apps have arrived to help with spontaneous questions (how do I cook that cut of steak?), on-the-spot requirements (I need an ice-cold beer and I need one now!) and instantly needed decisions (which of these egg brands provides better animal welfare?). Here is a selection of apps that will make your life easier in 2015.

Snap a picture of a wine label or wine list on your smartphone, upload to this app and get an instantaneous description, suggested price and user rating. Trust your brother’s wine choices? Add him as a “friend” to keep up with his vino recommendations.

This app works on the simple premise that your dollar is your vote. Search more than 4000 products to make sure you’re buying the most ethical choice next time you’re tossing up between brands at the supermarket.


Find nearby beers, bars and breweries. Search trends, get personalised recommendations or find out where your friends are drinking if you’re up for a night out.

Guides you from supermarket to serving, helping you pick your cut of meat, prep it, and cook it to perfection. If you get stuck, simply use the ‘Ask a Butcher’ button and master butcher Anthony Puharich will answer directly.


Tired of just missing out on happy hour? This app searches nearby deals on food, drinks and entry at venues across your city and, most importantly, exactly when they are available.
Free version, $1.29 to unlock full features

Search 90 popular fruit and vegies to find exactly when you should be planting for your climate. As a nice touch, Gardenate lets you synch with your housemates or family to make sure someone is keeping an eye on the garden.

Craft-beer connoisseurs, this one is for you. This is the supreme resource for up-to-date tap lists from craft-beer venues – bars and breweries – across Australia.