To celebrate the release of season five of cult vampire series True Blood on DVD and Blu-ray, HBO and Warner Brothers Home Entertainment have teamed up with the dessert magic of Gelato Messina to create a limited edition sweet treat for True Blood fans.

Made of gelato, sprayed with red velvet chocolate and filled with fruit syrup, the team have devised a life-sized human heart that bleeds when you bite into it.

“We understood it was vampires, but that’s all we knew at the start,” laughs Donato Toce, explaining that the team watched the show for research and inspiration and enjoyed all the ideas and characters.

Behind the scenes, the team at Messina played with a number of flavours and styles before settling on the final human heart filled with blood plum blood. “We did it all by trial and error,” says Toce of the creative process to create the dessert. But despite an evolution of flavours, the central idea was always blood loss and the human heart.

“Originally we had beetroot blood [not to mention foie gras and gewürztraminer in the flavour mix], but we thought that was too unapproachable.” The lab then went on to create custom human heart moulds and tinkered with the consistency of the blood to get it to just the right viscosity.

The end result is a human heart that comes complete with a syringe to inject it’s own bloody plum filling into a cavity inside the heart. The idea is that when fans bite into the gelato heart, the filling will escape, creating a bloody, delicious mess and a sense of what it might be like to be a vampire – if vampires ate gelato, of course.

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The final flavour combination is burnt caramel and pear gelato, with a centre of blood plum syrup (injected into a 70 per cent chocolate shell). It all sits on a base of white chocolate and malt feuilletine and the outside is finished with a red velvet chocolate spray.

True Blood: The Complete Fifth Season is available to own now on Blu-ray™ for $69.95 and DVD for $59.95. Also available for digital download.