Bumping Newtown bakery, Black Star, is about to get a new sibling. A new site on Hayes Road in Rosebery is currently under construction, with the doors set to open in the coming months.

Owner and croissant extraordinaire, Chris Thé, says it’ll feature the same Black Star baked goods, with the added bonus of somewhere to sit. The new venue has been fitted out by Smith & Carmody, the interior designers behind local joints Cornersmith and Brickfields. “There’s going to be people who much prefer the Newtown vibe,” Thé admits. “I really like that put-together grunginess of Newtown.”

Not only will it be slightly less rough-edged than the Australia Street original, but there’ll be 50 comfortable chairs for your sitting pleasure. “It’s a very high-ceilinged, spacious place. It’s just such a contrast to Newtown in that little pokey terrace,” he says. “They’ll be quite different, so it really depends on what you feel like on the day: comfortable seating, or sitting in a gutter eating cake.”

And don’t worry, all the pastries will still be baked on premises under the direction of Quay’s former pastry chef. “That’s really makes us special, I think, that we bake on site,” says Thé. “People expect that what you see in the shop has just come out of the oven.”

Thé is adamant that Black Star Rosebery will be open for business December 1: “Not a moment too soon to get into those Christmas puddings.”