If you want to know what all the purists are on about when it comes to drinking your coffee black, then Black Coffee is the place where you’ll have all your questions answered. A pop-up concept developed and peddled by Melbourne based coffee guy Mark W Free (ex Brother Baba Budan), Black Coffee has appeared at Somewhere Store Gallery in Melbourne, along with other pop-up sites around town. The idea is simple; when you have coffee this good on offer you serve it straight. No milk, no sugar, no bells and whistles and no espresso. This is all about the brew. And now Black Coffee is coming to Sydney to pop-up at Outre Gallery in Surry Hills.

“It started almost exactly a year ago,” says Free. “I was with a bunch of friends and I didn’t have a machine for espresso- so I just did what I could with what I had. I was living with another coffee guy at the time and we had an aero-press, a siphon and a French press. And everyone really enjoyed it. From there it just grew and this was the logical next step. I enjoy the event aspect of it. I like the buzz and the excitement. And I like engaging with people more than just slogging it out behind the espresso machine.”

For Free it can be summed up in one simple expression: No milk, no sugar, no espresso, no bullshit.

Having collected together the pick of Sydney and Melbourne’s best specialty coffee (Market Lane, Seven Seeds and Small Batch by Auction Rooms from Melbourne, Mecca, Single Origin, Reuben Hills and Coffee Alchemy from Sydney), the focus is on the flavours in the cup. All beans are brewed by hand using brewing methods that include the old school pour-over, the hotly debated siphon and the aero-press. The aim? To simply let the bean shine through, unencumbered by sweeteners or milk, to bring out the best in the individual beans.

Passionate about showcasing the vast spectrum of flavours in coffee, Free works on a ‘pay as you feel’ premise. So drop by the pop-up and see how good a black coffee really can be.

Black Coffee comes to Sydney April 19-22 at Outré Gallery, Shop 7/ 285a Crown Street, Surry Hills.