Aloha, pineapple
Doc Pizza is pushing its traditional Italian boundaries for three weeks in January, with a fruit-topped special on every week. This week there’s a number with nectarines, yellow tomatoes, red-onion jam and stracciatella, and next week’s option comes with figs, gorgonzola, San Daniele prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella. And for the January 26 public holiday, the controversial Hawaiian pizza gets the Doc treatment with a sauce of San Marzano tomatoes on four-day fermented dough.

Straight from Chinatown
Sydney’s largest Asian supermarket Thai Kee IGA has launched an online store stocked with thousands of pantry staples and specialty products, with hundreds of new items added monthly. That means you can get instant noodles, hot-pot bases, frozen yum cha, Southeast Asian sauces, meal kits from Cho Cho San, Ho Jiak, Chaco Ramen and Golden Century and more delivered. There’s a minimum spend of $50, and delivery is free.

Marg in a bag
Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink cocktails aren’t going anywhere, and now they come in goon sacks. Manly’s Sophisticated Cocktail Co sells Margaritas, Espresso Martinis and Cosmopolitans in sacks that are easy to store and carry. There’s a 750-millilitre size (seven serves) or a 1.5-litre sack for a bigger party.

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Catch of the day
A new brand of wild-caught, sustainable salmon is now on the market and available across New South Wales. Tuesday Foods sources its salmon from a family fishery in Albany, Western Australia and turns it into ready-to-eat pots and spreads. Products include heat-and-eat panang curry and massaman salmon curries; lemon-and-black-pepper salmon that’s great in salads and sandwiches; and a simple spread for dipping, slathering on toast or combining with pasta. They’re available in some IGAs, Harris Farm and other independent grocers.

One for the road
Sydney brewery For the Road has released a crisp and clean new German Kolsch-style draught beer – and 20 per cent of proceeds are donated to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. It uses just one type of malted barley and one hop variety, and has an ABV of 4.2 per cent. The Park Draught is available in 375-millilitre cans and 50-litre kegs.