The ingredients of a fantastic cafe may well be fairly simple. Create the trifecta of great coffee, great food, great design and the result will most likely be a bustling, busy hotspot. That said, there are a few cafes in Sydney that offer a little something more. Perhaps the extra ingredient is drawn from the passion of the people involved and the experience they provide.

New Camperdown space, Bion Societé has pulled together all of the basic great cafe components, but certainly has an air of something extra. The name is Greek, meaning Life Society and is a reflection on the cafe’s maxim: live to eat. Architect and part owner Petar Danicic has designed a sleek, clean interior with the help of his partner Anna Alexiou – whitewashed wooden panelling neat against black metal chairs, with a supplement of green via globe-shaped terrariums and a hanging garden.

Barista Greg Alexiou has long been a Single Origin Roasters enthusiast, using their roast here to make up some seriously good coffee. Danicic tells us they sourced a chef not by listing a set of required skills, but instead advertised for an expert who might simply share in their passion for great food. The outcome is a menu worth returning for again and again – organic granola made onsite, whipped vanilla yoghurt and a warm confit ham hock salad with pomegranate pearls and poached egg.

Bion Societé delivers on the staples of a fantastic cafe, but it is the additional energy and passion here that creates the kind cafe experience worth repeating and recommending.

Bion Societé
12/14 Layton Street, Camperdown

Daily 7am–4pm