It has been 10 months since Billy Kwong relocated to Potts Point from its original location in Surry Hills – adequate time for the restaurant to find its rhythm. “Sunday lunches were always in the grand scheme,” owner Kylie Kwong says. “The new restaurant lends itself to daytime trading. The light that comes through creates a beautiful physical environment to be in during the day.”

Kwong’s dedication to sustainable and local produce is reflected in the lunch menu, which will feature Billy Kwong favourites as well as several new dishes. Sichuan duck with steamed savoury pancakes, Davidson’s plum sauce and caramel tamari, inspired by Kwong’s mentor Neil Perry, is a version of a dish served at his restaurant Rockpool when Kwong worked there.

Another dish will feature thick noodles made by Kwong’s uncle, Jimmy Jang. “Uncle Jimmy has been producing our noodles for years. We give him our bespoke flour blends, made for us by Wholegrain Milling Co, and he makes dough especially for us,” Kwong says. “This dish will feature noodles that are fat, delicious and peasant style – served with XO sauce and Chinese cabbage.” Kwong will also be recreating a version of the popular pork dumplings that she makes at the Carriageworks Farmers’ Market.

Kwong will work with Italian gelato expert Kieran Tosolini of RivaReno to create two flavours using local ingredients: Davidson’s plum sorbet and macadamia-nut gelato. The gelato will be churned daily by Tosolini at his Crown Street store.

In a previous collaboration with Young Henrys, Kwong combined Australian native plants and beer. Now, with Tasmanian brewery Two Metre Tall and horticulturalist Paulette Whitney, she has created another one-off brew, Farmhouse Ambigua. "The beer is delicately aromatised with subtle hints of the Australian bush,” Kwong says. Two new wines have also been created exclusively for Billy Kwong. A skin-contact sauvignon blanc by Tom Shobbrook of the Adelaide Hills and The Nesting, a pinot noir by Victorian winemaker Patrick Sullivan, which features a label designed by Melbourne illustrator, Roxanne Colk. Both winemakers will be present at the restaurant’s lunch launch, personally pouring imperial magnums and jeroboams of their bespoke wine for guests.

The restaurant will open for Sunday lunch at midday and run all the way through until dinner service begins at 5.30pm. “We wanted to create an energy that is totally relaxed. With Sunday lunches I think of sleeping in, luxuriating, family and friends getting together for a long-lunch. Everyone is welcome, all day,” Kwong says.

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Billy Kwong will begin Sunday lunches on Sunday November 15. Reservations can be made through the website or call (02) 9332 3300.