We went through a lot together in 2016, Sydney. From (the continuation of) the lockout laws and cute, furry arrivals, to major restaurant events and world-class exhibitions, here’s our recap.

NOMA Australia
It was expensive, extravagant and it sold out in minutes. For 10 weeks Sydney was visited by one of the world’s best, NOMA by Rene Redzepi. And it was about more than just the food.

Lockout laws
Sydney’s nightlife continued to take a hit this year. Things got absurd; there was a lot of discussion; and the live-music community got busy. Venue operators, we salute you.

The evolution of the food court
Forget fast-food-filled shopping centres, Sydney’s new breed of food court, such as Gateway at Circular Quay offer quality food and sharp design.

Vile Bodies at White Rabbit
White Rabbit’s Vile Bodies gave us a room of hanging mannequins and musings on the human form. We can’t un-see it.

Broadsheet Restaurant
Over October and November Broadsheet Restaurant was a taste of the best of Sydney’s cafes, restaurants, bars and design all in one place.

The Tramsheds opened
This opening – with all its new dining options – lived up to the hype. Tramsheds shows us how Sydney’s abandoned sites can be revived and given a new purpose.

Even though it happens every year, we don’t take for granted the way VIVID lights Sydney up in winter. This year’s expansion into the Botanic Gardens, with the cathedral of light, was a serious highlight.

Crowded House at the Opera House forecourt
Seeing these Australian-music icons return to the steps of the Opera House after 20 years was the stuff of goosebumps and unabashed sing-a-longs. Noise complaints be damned.

Hubert opened
It was hotly anticipated, and it delivered on levels we weren’t expecting; Hubert’s food and atmosphere transport you to another era.

Pubs got major makeovers
This year beautiful refurbishments were paired with a new take on pub food. See: The Newport, The Paddington Inn, Queens Hotel and The Dolphin Hotel and Dining Room.

The Biennale of Sydney
It was huge. And the quote that inspired the festival’s theme for 2016 sums it up perfectly: “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”.

Sydney fought to save a piece of its heritage
The campaign to save one of Sydney’s few Brutalist buildings, Sirius, brought together Sydneysiders who care about our architectural heritage.

PE NATION gets big overseas
We love seeing Australian brands make it big. PE Nation was one such 2016 success story.

Honourable mentions
The new baby meerkats at Taronga Zoo.

A bar dedicated to Espresso Martinis opened.

There was a cheese festival.

Porteno reopened.