Part of the gig at Broadsheet is that our writers are constantly discovering the latest dishes at new venues around town, and rediscovering old favourites. There’s a lot of delicious eating out there, but some bites shine more brightly than others.

Here are a few plates that some of our team have been eating – and loving – in recent weeks.

Mochi sorbetto, Ito, Surry Hills

When this teeny palm-sized dish was placed on our table, it took me a moment to realise what I was looking at. The duo of just-wrapped parcels of ice-cream were, quite literally, delightful. (Evidenced in my exclamation of a dignified “Eeeee!”) A silky coconut sorbet sat cosied up to mango with perfectly chewy house-made mochi sheets delicately separating the two. I rushed to get a mango Weis bar the next day to relive.
Grace MacKenzie, Sydney food and drink editor

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Fried chicken burger, Wharf Street Kitchen, Marrickville

I became the envy of all my friends (finally!) when this whopper hit the table. I love a hot, juicy bird on a bun – but I love it even more when it comes with a cartoon-ish slice of golden American cheese you just can’t get at the shops. As for the “shoestring” fries, I don’t know what kind of shoes the WSK team members wear, but they must have some chunky-ass laces.
Dan Cunningham, Directory editor

Onion, leek and eschalot tarte tatin, Chez Crix, Surry Hills

Recent Sydney weather has been erratic, to say the least. One day it’s 32 degrees Celsius and I’m thinking about having a Frosty Fruit for dinner, the next I’m back in my trusty trench that’s in desperate need of a seasonal dry-clean. It was a particularly wind-chilled night that I found myself upstairs at the Cricketers Arms. And the provincial medley of alliums that tops this tarte tatin was just soft enough, just sweet enough and perfectly caramelised. The serve of smartly dressed greens on the side cut through the buttery puff pastry and Lyonnaise sauce.
Alice Jeffery, shopping editor

Cheese pie, Le Foote, Sydney

If anyone can make The Rocks a must-visit, it’s the Swillhouse team (behind sleek spots like Hubert and Alberto’s Lounge. This retro grill is one of the city’s hottest tables, double-swathed in white linen, in a Greco-Roman shed off a cobblestone lane. The menu is luxe Med bistro, and the standout snack is the cheese pie, a burnished, bubbled flatbread blackened with native berries, stuffed with mild melty cheese and stung with lemon juice. It’s sliced like a mini pizza on its crested plate, and so smashable you’ll want to order another round immediately.
Michael Harry, National editor

Chicken spring rolls, Joe’s Table, Darlinghurst

Okay so forget everything you think you know about spring rolls (dainty, veggie-packed, flaky) – these chunky chicken beauties are in a league of their own. The flavoursome chicken mince is wrapped in rice paper, fried and chopped into bite-sized bits. It’s served with a happily hot chilli vinegar and topped with what something that I – in all my Broadsheet-y wisdom – can only describe as “crispy bits”.
Lucy Bell Bird, National deputy editor

Plus one in Byron Bay:

Miso corn, Light Years, Byron Bay

Last year, a kid on Tiktok went viral for his love for corn. While he “couldn’t imagine a more beautiful thing”, I couldn’t understand his infatuation with the vegetable. That was until I tried Light Years’ take on it. Curled ribs of corn drenched in miso butter and furikake pepper? This has the juice. A punchy, umami-packed oily juice that I found myself spooning like a soup.
Hollie Wornes, Social media editor

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