The end of 2017 was a spiral of Christmas parties, so if you missed our “best of” lists, we've put everything in one spot.

Sydney’s Best Restaurants of 2017
In short: Melbourne’s Chin Chin finally set up a Sydney counterpart, while over in Marrickville, Two Chaps opened a vegetarian pizzeria, Pizza Madre.

The team behind the now-closed Moon Park resurfaced with Paper Bird, an underground sanctum for East Asian in Potts Point, and continue to roll out some of the city’s most unique food.

On the Japanese front, Juan brought don and tea to Redfern; while on the edge of the CBD, tiny degustation-style restaurant Sasaki opened. Also well worth a visit is fine diner Fujisaki. The kitchen is run by Ryuichi Yoshii, a sushi master who was last seen at Yoshii doing omakase (chef’s selection) menus, and Chui Lee Luk, the ex-head chef and owner of Claude’s.

Sydney’s Best Cafes of 2017
It’s no longer a surprise to hear fine-dining chefs have moved into the cafe game. Lee Li of Tetsuya leads the kitchen at Meet Mica, and Jason Black of Bather’s Pavillion has designed the menu at Cuckoo Callay’s new Surry Hills outpost.

Regiment also made our list of notables, along with The Grounds of the City and Andy Bowdy’s Newtown pastry paradise, Saga in Enmore.

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The Best New Bars of 2017
The bars we loved most in 2017 transported us somewhere else.

The tiki-themed Jacoby’s took us to the set of Twin Peaks, while the Duke of Clarence made us think we were in an English pub in the British countryside.

What We Ate and Drank in 2017
We asked Sydney Broadsheet writers and photographers what their favourite food and drink moments of 2017 were.

Sydney editor Sarah Norris went decadent and high-end with Bridge Bon Appetit’s caviar omelette and assistant editor Amanda Valmorbida countered that with Chula’s savoury fruit salad.

Photographer Kimberley Low found Wyno’s cuttlefish, scallop, coconut rice with pepita sauce a delightful tropical detour from their usual route. Contributor Nicholas Jordan was taken by the Bangladeshi sweet treats at Lakemba’s Dhaka Delight.

Restaurants of Australia: The Best Dishes of 2017
Some of Broadsheet’s city editors and senior team members shared their favourite dishes from around Australia. Adelaide voted for Africola’s tea sandwich, Brisbane loved Otto’s ravioli and Perth was won over by avocado and ricotta from Millbrook.

Our Favourite Longreads of 2017

Twenty of our favourite longform stories from across the web included China’s social-ranking system and political pieces on the Trump administration.

Our Favourite Articles of the Year
Our first fiction piece, a plea from the owner of Eau de Vie to stop stealing his shit, and saying goodbye to Newtown Social Club were among the pieces the former Broadsheet Sydney editor was most proud of from last year.

Local Knowledge: Best of the Year
Nicholas Jordan started his Local Knowledge column two years ago. Here, he reflects on his favourite pieces that gave him the chance to explore restaurants loved by the communities they serve, as well as learning the storied backgrounds of their owners.

Broadsheet Photographers’ Favourite Images of 2017
2017 offered an eyeful for our contributing photographers. The “yes” announcement in favour of marriage equality, Mardi Gras, in particular, left us with some incredible shots.