There are already plenty of reasons to visit the quaint south coast town of Berry, but in case you were looking for more, chef John Evans and wife Sonia Greig have opened their new venture, SOUTH on Albany. Evans was previously seen cooking dinner at Berry Sourdough Bakery (and before that at The Gunyah fine diner in Paperbark Camp). They’re locals with a strong passion for the area and all that the Shoalhaven has to offer. [fold]

“We’ve been really busy straight off the bat,” says Greig, giving a nod to the local support they’ve received and pointing out that it’s the local flavour that they love.

“We believe in the area and we’ve met really good people and producers, just driving around on our weekends since we moved down here three years ago.”

When dinner service at The Sourdough Bakery finished up in January, the couple went on the lookout for a place of their own, finding the right spot a little off the main Berry drag.

“It was a deli cafe and it had been closed with nothing in it for about three months when we found it.” They cleaned it up and with the help of friends and family refitted it as SOUTH, opening the doors in mid July. The duo procure as much as they can from local producers and suppliers, including a hefty portion of the wine list, while the menu is influenced by Evan’s Welsh roots. Local produce includes drop-offs from keen gardeners in the area as well as deliveries from The Green Box non-profit food co-op, sourcing from a 160-kilometre radius. The savoy cabbage salad comes complete with Evan’s own fetta made with local milk from The Pines; pappardelle is served with Mittagong mushrooms and the Pointer Mountain honey hails from Yatte Yattah.

Tea is from the Berry Tea shop and while the coffee isn’t so local, it is from The Little Marionette.

SOUTH on Albany
3/65 Queen Street, Berry (Corner of Albany Street)
(02) 4464 2005
Wed & Thurs 6pm-9.30pm
Fri & Sat noon-2.30pm & 6pm-9.30pm
Sun noon-2.30pm