For the month of September, the Lord Gladstone Hotel is doing its bit to get Sydney’s hospo scene back to normal by offering punters free tinnies of Young Henrys beer to takeaway. Co-owner Mitch Crum says people just need to show them proof they’ve been vaccinated.

To drive the point home, Crum has decided to rename his late-night Chippendale pub the Lord Jabstone.

‘’We know the quickest way back to a thriving pub again is through vaccination. We back our doctors and scientists and wanna show our support to all the legends doing their part for the greater community,” says Crum.

This is not the first business to get behind vaccinations to help revive an industry knocked about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Hawke’s Brewing Co gave away 250 cartons of lager to Sydneysiders who could prove they’ve received their first vaccination. “The longer this [lockdown] drags on, the more damage is suffered by small businesses like ours, and in particular our hospitality mates,” said Hawke’s co-founder David Gibson in a statement.

Some of Australia’s best chefs teamed up with ad man David Nobay to create “Put a Jab on the Menu”. The hard-hitting campaign launch last week on the back of a 60-second film.

“Whether it’s a small suburban Thai restaurant, a country pub, a cafe, a 300-seat fine diner, every person who works in hospitality does it because they want to bring happiness to people by service or food,” Guillaume Brahimi, the campaign’s industry ambassador and owner of Bistro Guillaume, said in a statement. “But regardless of our shared passion, there’s one thing that we can’t overcome, and that’s empty tables.

While some experts suggest that restrictions such as quarantining, social distancing and mask wearing may be needed for some time to curb the worst effects of the pandemic, vaccination is a crucial part of any reopening strategy, and is the best way to protect yourself and your community from the virus.

The Lord Jabstone is also encouraging people to grab something off its takeaway menu. In particular, says Crum, its $12.50 steaks on Thursdays, and its Saturday slow-cooked smoked charcoal chicken and pork-rib packs.

For more information on Covid-19 vaccines, including safety and eligibility, see the Australian Government Department of Health website.