Along the bright-green bike path to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a barista from Cronulla has given bay number ten a new outlook on life.

On a tiny laneway just north of the Harbour Bridge is a bike lane lined with industrial bays, previously filled with repair shops and storage spaces. That was until Nathan Devlin, previously the barista and manager of HAM espresso in Cronulla jumped head first into the coffee scene north of the bridge.

“It was so obvious what we could do here,” says Devlin. “These bays have been here since the bridge was built.” Inside the roller doors, long metal tables and vintage palettes make up the seating and a well-dressed metal shipping container takes centre stage as the barista counter.

For breakfast you’ll find banana bread, spelt muesli and homemade granola. Fresh sandwiches are also made in-house, with all produce sourced from a small farm in nearby Ingleside.

White Horse Roasters in Sutherland supply a variety of green beans for Devlin to choose from each week and the coffee list is twice as long as any other part of the menu. Sample a specialty filter, a cold drip and a 16-hour cold brew.

A collaboration with, the cold brew is Devlin’s very own Black Magic blend: 50 per cent Indonesian, 30 per cent Colombian and 20 per cent Ethiopian. “No one else has this,” he says.

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Reflecting on his experience down south, Devlin has taken note that coffee drinkers are of a different breed on this side of the bridge. “There are a lot of black-coffee drinkers,” he says, “and we want to keep them interested.”

As more residential high rises go up in this immediately harbourside neighbourhood, the demand is growing for great cafes and Bay Ten is soon to be one of the originals.

Bay Ten Espresso
Bay 10, Middlemiss Street, Lavender Bay

Mon to Fri 7am – 3pm
Sat 8am - 3pm