At Barrio Chino, tequila once flowed late into the night. But following the end of the current lease, and a major reduction in foot traffic in King’s Cross due to Sydney’s lockout laws, Nicole Galloway and Peter Lew have restructured their once late-night venue, Barrio Chino.

The rebranded Barrio Burgers is a work-in-progress that will evolve. Their menu will also be available at neighbouring World Bar, to revitalise the strip by serving daytime revelers, locals and nine-to-fivers from the surrounding offices.

Despite a few tweaks here and there, the layout has remained much the same, including the set of booths on the far-right wall, and the long communal table that runs adjacent to the open kitchen.

And the new menu? “We have opted for a burger menu due to the success of our pop-up at Deus Ex Machina,” says Lew of the switch. But in the coming months, as the team irons out the finer details, expect to see the “Chino” make its way back onto the menu in the form of tacos; quesadillas; guacamole and chips; and a grilled-chicken salad.

On a menu of six burgers, there are two surefire standouts. The first is the Fatboy Chicken, an ode to Galloway and Lew’s other venue Fei Jai (“fat boy” in Cantonese). It features five-spiced fried chicken, chipotle mayo, grilled cheese, tomato and lettuce.

The second is the Sweet Bacon Blues. It’s a sweet-savoury love fest of beef, bacon, dulce de leche and blue-cheese mayo; a huge hit at Burgerpalooza in April.

The glossy brioche buns can’t be faulted. Lew won’t disclose the bakery (burger joints are notoriously secretive about this key ingredient), but he can confirm that they have been custom-made exclusively for Barrio Burgers.

Barrio Burgers
28–30 Bayswater Road, Potts Point
(02) 8021 9750

Tue to Thu, Sun 12pm–9pm
Fri & Sat 12pm–12am