Bar Americano is a centrepiece of Melbourne’s booze scene. Taking its cues from Italian aperitivo culture, it considers espresso and cocktails to be serious business. Down a nondescript backstreet in the CBD, office workers lean against the bar and loosen their ties, while cocktail aficionados quiz the white-jacketed staff about their concoctions.

In typical Sydney fashion, we’ve come to envy Melbourne’s hidden bar scene. Bar Americano owner Matthew Bax understands this all too well. He jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Maurice Terzini of The Dolphin in Surry Hills, with whom he shares a mutual respect for old-world Italy.

Bax has been an avid follower of Terzini’s career since his first visit to Caffé e Cucina in Melbourne’s South Yarra many moons ago. “Maurice and I have been flirting with the idea of doing something together one day in Sydney. Maybe this is our first toe in the water, or should I say Amaro,” says Bax. And it’s a measured marriage considering their mutual respect for old-world Italy.

The boys are putting on a one-off event on Sunday September 25. Bar Americano will, quite literally, move shop for the day, with the full Melbourne crew and drink menu in tow. There will only be two notable changes, in fact. Whereas the Melbourne bar is standing-room-only, the roomier location at The Dolphin means you can stay, sit and imbibe at your leisure. Melbourne’s strict no-photo policy won’t apply either. While Bax pointedly tells us “moments with friends and loved ones are best enjoyed without a camera in your hand,” he is indeed waiving the rules.

Bax and his team will be dishing out aperitivo-inspired nibbles alongside their signature cocktails. The takeover will kick off at 3pm.

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