The true test of a cookie is when you can't stop at just one. So says Eve Blecher, cookie expert and co-founder of ready-to-bake cookie company Frozen Dough Co.

“If you want to eat five of them every time you pull a fresh batch out of the oven, then you're on to a winner,” she says.

Frozen Dough Co. is a new venture selling ready-to-bake frozen cookie dough every Saturday at Bondi Farmers' Markets, and by delivery throughout Sydney.

Blecher and fellow cookie lover Karla Hansen (who has since left the business) cooked up the idea for Frozen Dough Co. at the start of 2013 while working at a media agency.

“We were in an office where food was discussed and eaten at every opportunity, and after craving some really good homemade, fresh-baked cookies one afternoon we decided to see where we could go with making it a business.”

Seven months and countless batches of cookies later, Blecher settled on three flagship flavours.

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“The salted oatmeal and white chocolate cookie was set from the start,” says Blecher. “The chocolate, almonds, pecans and whiskey went through a few incarnations, and the cocoa, raspberry and coconut started life out as a completely different cookie. That one took the longest to perfect. Luckily I had a willing group of family and friends always happy to be taste testers.”

The Frozen Dough Co.’s first outing at Bondi Farmers’ Market was “fantastic”, says Blecher.

“After all that time planning, testing and dough mixing it was so great to see people's reactions when they tasted the cookies. The farmers’ market atmosphere is so supportive and encouraging for new food businesses, it's by far the best part of my week.”

This year Frozen Dough Co. will be working to add more farmers’ markets to its roster, with an eye on eventually selling from delis and specialty food stores.

“There are some cookie collaborations planned with other small artisan food brands and more flavours will definitely be added to the range. I just want everyone to have a bag of Frozen Dough Co. cookies in their freezer,” says Blecher. “I’m pretty sure it's the key to happiness!”