An autolyse is a baking term for the rest period that comes after mixing, but before kneading. It’s a little pause, a moment to breath between bigger events, and a chance to develop flavour. It’s the perfect name for the bakery-cafe that has arrived in Central Park.

Situated on the ground floor of the new Central Park development on Broadway in Chippendale, this is the Sydney arm of a bakery that has made its name in Canberra. It specialises in natural, handmade sourdough. With white-tiled and concrete walls, an open view to the bakery, huge surgery-style lights and a wall mural by Dai Cameron, it’s a well-crafted addition to the new dining district, which also includes Din Tai Fung and Ribs & Burgers.

Coffee is by Ona and the menu proudly proclaims there’s nothing over $15, from egg-white and ricotta omelettes, to whole sardines with skordalia, or kale and quinoa lunch salads. There are also bakery pastry staples such as pain au chocolat and escargot. Filled rolls line glass cabinets, fresh loaves of sourdough bread are piled in boxes over the counter and there’s no shame in ordering a large coffee, with cups proclaiming, “I like big cups and I cannot lie”.

Autolyse is a perfect place to take a little break in between the bigger events of the day.

Lower ground, The Dining District, 28 Broadway, Chippendale
(02) 8074 9458

Daily 7am–5pm