Noma’s third global pop-up focuses entirely on native Australian ingredients, and this includes its drinks list. Noma’s sommelier, Mads Kleppe, is working with inner-west craft brewery The Grifter, Melbourne-based Edge Brewing Project and Tasmanian farmhouse ale and cider producers, Two Metre Tall to create exclusive products. They will sit alongside an all-Australian wine pairing for the restaurant’s tasting menu.

“It’s been a fabulous little journey,” says Two Metre Tall’s marketing manager, Jaap Sonnemans. Two Metre Tall created an unusual barrel-aged cider-ale blend called Snakebite. “We’ve re-imagined an Australian classic, and Mads has been incredibly enthusiastic about the entire process. Working with the team at Noma has been an amazing acknowledgement of what we do. Hopefully it’s going to open a lot of doors for us,” he says.

The experience has been similarly positive for Adam Betts and the team at Edge Brewing Project. The brewer is known for using native Australian ingredients in its beers. “We were approached by Mads a couple of months ago, so it’s been a quick turnaround,” he says. “He put a lot of trust in us, and we ended up producing a sort of kettle sour beer, using Australian hops, wattle seeds, native thyme, finger lime and cherries from the Yarra Valley. Then we aged it in Bendigo shiraz barrels. It’s pretty unique.” And the name? “We didn’t get quite as creative with that one,” says Betts. “We just called it Noma!”

Marrickville brewer The Grifter has come up with The Landlord, an Australian old ale brewed with toasted macadamia nuts. “Adding really wacky components to our beers isn’t really us, but we felt like the macadamias gave this one something special, but still within our ethos,” explains Grifter brewer, Glenn Wignall.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few to have secured a table at Noma, it’s unlikely you’ll experience any of the beers just yet. But you might be able to sample The Landlord at The Grifter’s tasting bar once Noma has packed up shop.

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