Perhaps bespoke fairy floss was always on the horizon. There isn’t a lot left in the carnival candy bar that can be be given the “artisan” treatment. The hot dog, doughnut and even the good-old hot chip have all been given a reworking. The kicker is, we never thought a cloud of sticky-sweet spun sugar would taste as good as it does in its new form, and it really does taste good. Really.

Fluffë was created almost by accident by 20-year-old Nathan Hunter. He came up with the concept for unique cotton candy as a summer holiday project to keep his creative, design-led brain busy while staying with his grandmother in Rylstone, a town in the NSW central tablelands with a population of around 700 and a rating of near zero in the fun department. Hunter was looking for ways to boost his design portfolio for submission to universities (he’s now studying communication design in Sydney), and was tooling around with company logos.

“I started coming up with some pretty dumb, fake businesses specialising in one thing and one thing only, like pencils, coasters, lemonade, notebooks, scarves and a bunch more,” says Hunter. “Fairy floss was just one of them.” Then it hit him; why does fairy floss only taste of “pink”? Why aren’t there more flavours? He begged his mum to buy him a small sugar-spinning machine, and the company was born virtually out of his bedroom.

Fluffë launched at Finders Keepers market this year to an eager audience. His range is as interesting as it is whimsical. Packets of flavours such as burnt honey, mojito, birthday cake using French vanilla (the most popular), cookies and cream (sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbs), watermelon and lemonade with a citric acid hit, all come in soft pastel tones. The floss has the texture of mohair before it’s been spun into a sweater. It’s gorgeous, and there’s not one bit of it that’s good for you, but hey, you’re eating fairy floss as an adult so it’s best not to complain.

Hunter’s hitting up the event market; (adult) birthdays, weddings and markets, but you can order a box of Fluffë packets online to snack on between meals. Just don’t tell your dentist.