Last year a total of 491 cafes and 27 coffee roasters took part in CafeSmart and together raised $135,612 in one day to donate to 132 community homelessness services nationwide.

This year CafeSmart is on August 5. On the day $1 from every coffee sold at participating cafes and roasters will go towards local charities supporting people who live on the streets.

The initiative supports a range of people in need: people who are at risk of homelessness, the unemployed, those who are currently homeless, refugees and people who are newly housed and who need help maintaining their tenancy.

StreetSmart is the charity organisation behind the initiative. Founder Adam Robinson says it’s important to tackle the issue from all angles, and supporting local organisations helps break down the problem and create an attainable goal.

“Homelessness is so complex, and this reflects the scale of the issue and the ways in which we can assist people in avoiding homelessness. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances,” he says.

The recipient charity organisations are matched with a nearby cafe or roaster. In some cases, they’re on the same street or around the corner from each other, and in others it’s more regionally based. Either way the organisation that benefits is from the same community as the cafe where the money was raised.

“It’s about how the coffee industry can come together; it unites people around one cause on one day,” says Robinson.

First-time participants Edition Coffee Roasters have only been around for just over a year now but, according to owner Daniel Jackson, the decision to get involved was a no-brainer.

"It’s a good opportunity to give back to the people and do something nice for the community. It’s a localised charity and something that directly affects what’s happening around us, so why not use coffee to help out?"

Organisers encourage the public to let their favourite coffee shop know about the day, and get involved.

August 5 is CafeSmart Day. To find participating cafes, register your cafe or to donate, go to

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of CafeSmart.