Archie Rose Distilling Co. and tattoo artist Kian Forreal (Horisumi) have teamed up again on the release of Horisumi Winter, their next seasonal gin.

The new batch comes after their autumn gin flew off the shelves.

It’s the perfect partnership. Archie Rose prides itself on returning to the roots of the craft in its hands-on approach, which is echoed by Horisumi in his focus on creating authentic Japanese artwork. In his tattoo work, Forreal uses traditional crafts, hand-mixing colours and ink as well as making his own needles.

Horisumi Winter is clean and fresh. The hawk pictured on the bottle dares you to dip in, building on the magic of the earthy autumn designs on its first label.

Its crisp flavours combine Tasmanian kombu, Australian Fuji apples and an infusion of two Japanese green teas, sencha and genmaicha.

Matthew and Terry Squadrito, the founders of Squad Ink, a Sydney-based design studio, are responsible for translating Forreal and Archie Rose's ideas into package design. The company has worked with The Grounds of Alexandria, Regal Rogue Vermouth, Sofi Spritz, and Bassett Espresso in the past.

Bottles are limited, the first 200 come with a custom-made furoshiki wrap (Japanese cloth) and winter kanji (Japanese character). They can be found at Archie Rose Distilling Co. now for $99.

While stock lasts.