An international cheese-tart chain called Pablo, which first opened in Japan in 2011, has launched its first Australian store.

It’s famous for a cream-cheese tart made with shortcrust pastry. Ask for one from the fridge and you’ll find a fluffy centre comparable to an NY cheesecake. Ask for a fresh one and you’ll struggle to slice, serve and eat the cake because it will have as much structural integrity as a mousse.

It’s rich, sweet, slightly tart from a lemon glaze and light on the cheese flavour. The base, which is like a pie’s, is different to any other cheese tarts around. The founder and CEO Masamitsu Sakimoto says proudly they’re unlike any other dessert in Japan.

The tart is 15 centimetres in diameter, so it’s quite a mission to get through solo. Look instead for the mini versions, which have a more traditional biscuit base. Like the larger version it comes in several flavours – the classic cheesecake, a matcha-flavoured cheese tart, a chocolate version with chunks of chocolate inside, and a crème brûlée-inspired style with no base. General manager Anthony Tow says the chocolate and brûlée flavour won’t be available for another few weeks, but in the meantime Pablo will stock the oddity that is salted-truffle-and-cheese biscuits.

Like many other Japanese chains the store experience is about the mesmerising production line. Behind the bright yellow counter you’ll see costumed pastry chefs and even more equipment churning out an endless pile of tarts. The large tarts are regularly made to order. Be warned – if you get a hot one it’s likely to be very messy to eat on the spot.

Sakimoto says the company will expand in Sydney and across Australia in the next two years.

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This article was updated on Janurary 21, 2018.