Brand founder Tetsushi Mizokami has opened a cafe downstairs from the (original shop on George Street, called Uncle Tetsu Angel Garden. The dine-in concept was first trialled in Toronto with the Angel Cafe, and Mizokami brought out its manager Luke Hobbs and some waitresses to work at the Sydney venue.

While cheesecake is still the star of the show, there will be expanded dessert offerings. “It’s the first time we’re offering crepes and galettes,” Hobbs says. “[Our] chef is from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo and her husband is from Brittany [the French town credited with inventing galettes].”

The new green tea-flavoured cheesecake uses the Yame-cha brand of matcha, which is imported from Fukuoka, Japan, just for the cafe. The new honey-flavoured cheesecake is made with Australian honey. There are also chocolate cakes made from Lindt chocolate. Several of the ingredients were hand-picked by Mizokami’s wife, Kimio, and Hobbs is working on bringing yuzu-su (a product similar to yuzu juice) over. “It’s better for cakes and pastries and in Canada we use it in cocktails,” he says.

Every Saturday at 9pm, the kitchen closes and the cafe transforms. Waitresses dress up as J-pop and anime characters, complete with handmade costumes and choreographed dancing, to perform on the cafe’s small stage.

Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden
Unit 1712/103 Bathurst Street, Sydney

Mon–Sun 12pm–10pm

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