After making it big on the Sydney sweet scene with his creative, crazy and incredible cakes and desserts, Hartsyard's not-so-secret pastry wizard, Andy Bowdy has announced that he'll shortly be leaving his position at the restaurant to embark on a solo venture.

It’s not a physical opening, but he’ll be setting up an online cake service – Andy Bowdy Pastry - and talking orders from August 2015.

“I got to the point where the cakes were taking over my life at Hartsyard so I had to make the decision to stop doing them, or go out on a limb and give it everything. Luckily I got offered a production space at Gelato Messina.” Bowdy (or Andrew Bowden to his mother) will also be popping up regularly at Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar in Surry Hills, with plans for roughly monthly appearances. “They’ve kindly let me set up shop on weekends. I’ll be doing pie of the week like I did at Hartsyard, and I’m hoping to do collaborations with their coffee too, and maybe bring the deep fryer along.”

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Though the team at Hartsyard will be sad to see him go, "it's been a long time coming for Andy and it's something that we've been talking about for years," says Hartsyard co-owner, Naomi Hart. "We encouraged him to take the leap because it's really important for him to pursue his own career and dream. He'll grow as the opportunities do, so it's really great. Gregory [Llewellyn, co-owner] and I always encouraged him putting his stamp on the pastry section, anyone who has an idea gets credit for it at Hartsyard, that's why cakes were always done under his name not ours."

Bowdy can provide cakes for any kind of function, made to order, and promises "No Fondant. No Icing. No Buttercream. No Compromise." Currently there are five different flavour combinations to choose from on his website, and custom flavour orders are welcomed, with a small surcharge.

There are two more weeks to catch Bowdy during service at Hartsyard, and the team are currently on the hunt for someone to take his position. Book your dentist appointments now, sweet tooths, and get ready for mountains of salted caramel, torched meringue, chocolate fudge and a lot, lot more.