Despite its name, the Gatsby-esque Bayswater Diner is more stylish dining room than diner, with low ceilings, ornate wall-mounted mirrors and hanging antique lights giving the space a distinctly Roaring 20s-style vintage vibe.

Owners Nicole Galloway and Peter Lew have had some fun with the concept, weaving touches of Americana, past and present, into everything from the drinks list to the desserts.

A very grown up Root Beer or Cherry Cola and some seriously boozy ‘adult shakes’ sit alongside unconventional takes on classic cocktails – check out the ‘pork fat washed Makers Mark’ and maple syrup Manhattan.

The wine list displays a deft touch, with the occasional Oregon Pinot Gris and Sonoma Chardonnay punctuating an otherwise discerning Euro-centric selection – and they let the French do their thing in the Champagne stakes.

When it comes to the diverse dishes that populate American cuisine, the kitchen isn’t playing favourites here. A soft shell crab po’boy sandwich and spicy shrimp gumbo give the Deep South its due, while the flaky-topped fish pie and Budweiser-steamed mussels and clams take care of the coastal climes.

They’ve also got ‘quick and casual’ covered – stop in and prop up at the mirror-backed bar for a quick Budweiser and an order of Buffalo Wings or a Bayz Cheeseburger (single or double) before a big night out.

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But it’s the smoky stuff that promises to have people talking – a half rack of hickory-smoked baby back ribs, burnt-end beef brisket sloppy joes and a hoagie roll stuffed with smoked, pulled pork have all the hallmarks of favourites in the making.

Of course, if you want to really make like Gatsby and get into the good stuff, you can always order up one of the multiple vintage magnums of Dom Perignon on offer. Provided you have Gatsby’s budget of course.

Bayswater Diner
33-35 Bayswater Road, Potts Point
(02) 8021 3040

Wed to Fri 5pm–midnight
Sat & Sun 5pm–midnight