From August 21 to September 6, luxury vodka label Grey Goose will collaborate with Potts Point restaurant Yellow to launch La Boulangerie.

The idea is that guests are taken from field to bottle in regard to the vodka-making process. Day and night offerings will focus on the French ingredients from which Grey Goose is made.

By day, La Boulangerie will sell bread and pastries baked by the Luxe and Yellow teams, made from the same soft winter wheat used to make Grey Goose.

Expect all the classics: baguette, pain au chocolat, fondant éclair and a tart of the day. Limited-edition Grey Goose jams will also be available to take home with your loaf of bread. Flavours include La Poire (pear vodka, comice pears and lemon) and L’Orange (orange vodka, navel oranges and szechuan pepper).

For dinner chef Brent Savage has created an exclusive five-course French menu for the pop-up, with optional matching cocktails or wines. Grey Goose is used to cure kingfish in bisque accompanying roasted carrots and mahi mahi. And to poach pears, served with gingerbread.

Over the weekend of August 27, Grey Goose will take over the iconic Yellow House for Salon De Martini, a martini bar. Cocktails will include Le Fizz, with elderflower and soda water; and In Fashion, with a honey-grilled lemon syrup and yuzu bitters. For snacks: lobster rolls, charcuterie boards and, of course, French fries.

La Boulangerie runs from August 21 to September 6. Bookings can be made for the restaurant on (02) 9332 3244.


Mon to Fri 9am–2pm
Sat-Sun 8am 3pm

Daily 6pm–11pm

Salon de Martini
Thu to Sat 6pm–11pm