Innovative Rushcutters Bay Italian diner ACME has today announced it is closing. The closure comes right before it celebrates its fifth birthday. It will trade until the end of June, serving a menu of the restaurant's classics, including its lauded pig's head and egg yolk macaroni.

“ACME has been a huge journey and we wouldn’t have been able to operate the last five years without the support of our suppliers, the industry and of course our customers," says Mitch Orr, ACME's head chef and co-owner with manager, Cam Fairbairn, in a statement. "I’m so thankful to every single person who has dined with us and shown so much love to an unconventional way of eating. It’s been real and I’m feeling excited for the future."

When it opened in 2014 in a small inner-east terrace, ACME was praised for its streamlined menu and unique flavour combinations, with Orr often putting Asian twists on Italian classics. He's brought his creativity to other diners including the pop-up Cambodian eatery Kingdom of Rice and Darlinghurst's now-closed Bar Brose.

ACME will close at the end of June.