It’s common knowledge that the sequel is never as good as the original, but this CBD follow-up from an all-star line up doesn’t disappoint.

The team of recognisable faces – George and Erica Gregan, Sam Neill, David Wenham, Phil Waugh and Michael Campbell – opened the follow-up to their Neutral Bay favourite, The Local Bar, just last week.

Originally concocted by friends Erica Gregan and Sam Neill on a ski trip, the concept for The Local Bar is simple enough: a good quality spot where people can open a bottle of wine with friends. “It’s all a bit of fun and a nice place to have a glass of wine,” says Gregan who, with her extensive hospitality background, was responsible for the majority of the logistics and fit-out.

Despite being engulfed by the concrete corporate surroundings, The Local Bar maintains a surprisingly inviting atmosphere. You’ll be greeted by comfortable seating with outdoor heaters and soft, warm lighting. With attentive waiters in starched white shirts moving swiftly between tables – stunning heavy glass light fixtures and lovely black and white tiles – you can’t miss the French bistro vibe.

Don’t overlook The Local Bar’s the extensive wine selection. There are around 130 grapes in total from different parts of Australia and all over the world. The whole group gave input as to their favourites, with some leaving a more personal stamp than others (you can sample a glass of 2008 Pinot Noir from Sam Neill’s New Zealand winery Two Paddocks). The food, specifically designed to complement the wine, is fresh and the menu robust. If wine isn’t your taste, there are three trustworthy beers on tap, or you can exploit the expert skills of the head barman, who can make you any stiff cocktail of your choosing provided he has the spirits in stock.

The Local Bar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is certainly bound to quickly make it a favourite with the business crowd.

The Local Bar CBD
161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
(02) 9953 0027

Mon-Fri 7am-midnight