As part of three new openings over the coming months, the dining-focused 4 Pines Underground opened in the site formerly occupied by Out of Africa restaurant. It's directly below the 4 Pines Brewpub.

Having faced the problem of sending hungry (and thirsty) customers away because of the Brewpub's capacity, owner Jaron Mitchell seized the opportunity to take over the space below. Unlike 4 Pines' other venues, Underground serves food from breakfast through to dinner. The lunch and dinner menus cover seafood-heavy pub fare, with punchy Szechuan squid; a tomato-rich mussel pot for two; or mini Cajun sliders, but it's the breakfast Mitchell wants to draw attention to. Not least of all because it pairs well with beer, which is available from 7am.

"[Beer has] had this thread throughout history. If you want a taster of beer with your breakfast, go for it'," he says. Whether it's the black pudding with 63-degree eggs; 24-hour-soaked Bircher with prune jam, or the 'churros bomb' (filled with marscapone and dulce de leche), Mitchell wants you to try it with beer. On top of the breakfast beer, the Underground team developed a selection of beer-inspired cocktails, which feature the Brookvale Union and 4 Pines ranges.

The space, designed by Sheree Mitchell, has wooden-backed booths with wooden benches. There’s repurposed cottage panelling on the walls, and railway ties (the tracks) for a central table. Staff suggest how to best appreciate the malty Stout, the signature Summer Ale, or the bright ginger beer (all of which can be experienced by tasting paddle). Chalked-on notes about hops, malt and yeast line the walls. Photographs of Manly in a former life (beach-goers, park-sitters, surfers and the like) make for a great feature wall at the back.

4 Pines Underground
43–45 East Esplanade, Manly

Daily 7am–11pm

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