4 Pines, the brewery born on the Northern Beaches, is adding three new locations in Manly, Newport and Belrose. The venues will compliment the existing Manly Brew Pub and Brookvale Brewery.

“We looked throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but kept coming back to the Northern Beaches,” says publican Ged Dore. “It’s not hip and it’s not cool, but there is that surf, skate, relaxed, tradie vibe. It’s everything we pride ourselves on being.”

The first venue will open at the former Out of Africa store in Manly, below the existing 4 Pines pub. Dore says the venue, opening around Melbourne Cup, will offer a more dining-focused experience. Another venue will open at the Belrose Theatre in early 2017, with house-made bread (recycling yeast and grains from the brewery process) and brunch-style food.

The Belrose location will open right out onto the football oval, while the Newport location, opening in early December, will mark a new concept for the brand. It will focus on barrel-aged beer and cabana sandwiches. Beers, such as a pineapple and passionfruit brew, will be aged for up to two years.

The space was partly inspired by Dore’s trip to San Diego, where beachfront venues encourage surf-to-bar eating and drinking. Dore says the new 4 Pines venue will be all about – and for – the people who frequent them.

“There’s real ownership in it. It’s not just the beer; it’s that it’s a whole independent company,” he says. “The Northern Beaches has embraced 4 Pines as their beer.”

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The 4 Pines Manly Underground location will launch in spring, operating seven days a week.
The 4 Pines Newport Barrelhouse will open in early summer on Barrenjoey Road.
The 4 Pines Belrose venue is slated to open in the Glen Street Theatre in April 2017.