Listen, say what you want about Merivale, the food’s good. Whether you’re having a snacky dining experience with the Totti’s menu, snipping those sensational fried eggs at Good Luck or chucking back a few schooeys at The Dog, The Beresford or The Vic, you’re likely having an excellent time. Well, how about 20 per cent off your bill?

Until 8am on Thursday June 20, all Merivale gift cards (bought online) are 20 per cent off. Got a booking tonight? Pay your bill now. Got a big bash soon? Nab a gift card before Thursday and get a sneaky discount. Or just grab one and keep aside for your next night out.

Merivale gift cards are 20 per cent off until 8am on Thursday June 20. Discount will be automatically applied at check out, and terms and conditions apply.

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