The Guinness World Records title for the longest line of pancakes topped with Nutella could be broken tomorrow at Sydney University.

Pancakes, forming the shape of a giant heart, will be spread across the grass forecourt in a neat, 100-metre long line – almost double the previous year’s record of 50 metres. (No, really, this feat has already been attempted).

Why? I hear you ask. Because … well … because ... we’re not entirely sure.

What we do know, though, is once the record has been broken, free pancakes will be given out to all.

Punters have been asked to go visit the Nutella website to leave a “love note”. Each note will contribute a few centimetres to the line, meaning the more you write, the more free pancakes will be on offer.

Right now, it’s sitting on 109.89 metres, which means the record has technically already been broken. Spoiler alert!

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Free pancakes will be given out tomorrow, Wednesday February 28 from 11am, at The University of Sydney, Camperdown.