The operator of Firefly in Neutral Bay and The Italian in Willoughby, Daniel Sofo, is launching his next business venture: speedy beverage deliveries. The ambitious project will begin serving the lower north shore suburbs every day between 5.30pm and 10pm. Equipped with two motor scooters and a thorough knowledge of quality drinks, Sofo is quite certain he can deliver orders in under 30 minutes. WineRun’s selection of 80 beverages is hand-picked, backed by Sofo’s years of experience operating bars.

“My first offering is mostly drops my customers really love. I’ve offered a combination of well-known, high-end wines, some small-producer artisan wines, and some wines that no one has heard of,” says Sofo, a self-described pinot noir enthusiast. “However, I’ve tried to keep a balance; I don’t want to scare people off with too much obscurity.”

If you can’t find anything you like, try again next week; Sofo’s list is subject to change. “Most likely I’ll fall in love with a few new wines and craft beers next week and feel compelled to list them.” Also on offer are ciders, spirits, mixers and snacks, still all carefully selected. “My policy has always simply been ‘no crappy booze’,” says Sofo.

The business may expand to other parts of Sydney, but for now, the lower north shore, is Sofo’s testing ground.