Imagine a doughnut store like Noah’s Ark. Every variety, shape and flavour lined up and ready to go. This is the dream of Donut Papi’s Kenneth and Karen Rodrigueza. The siblings have spent the last year running from market to market with a stall, but this December their plan is to open their first permanent store in Redfern.

“In Sydney right now, we have mainly yeast-raised doughnuts,” says Kenneth. “I grew up eating doughnuts in the Philippines and our doughnuts are like the American ones. There’s so many styles – eclair doughnuts, Long John twisted doughnuts. You should be overwhelmed with choices.” The store will offer both styles of doughnuts, yeast-raised and the heavier cake-batter style, in a myriad of classic and experimental flavours.

Doughnuts aren’t all they’re doing, though. “It will be kind of like a dessert bakery, so we'll have doughnuts, biscuits, muffins and Pop-Tarts,” Kenneth says. The Pop-Tarts will be made from scratch and toasted. The signature will be filled with taro, while others may have fresh mangoes and peach. Duffins, muffin–doughnut hybrids that are baked and dipped in melted butter and sugar, will also be making an appearance.

Aside from the epic display counter, the store will be small. “It’s kind of just a kitchen, a coffee machine and a countertop. Colours will be white and black with a bit of pink,” Kenneth says. It’ll have just a few seats inside and a bench outside.

Donut Papi is expected to open on the corner of Redfern and Elizabeth Street in early December.