Trust Karen Walker and her deft knack for reinvention to revitalise the pop-up store, just when you thought it was well and truly overdone.

Karen Walker Candy Bar is a pop-up mini-store within a store, sort of like a roving concession space. Two Candy Bars will travel the world for one year, allowing Walker’s cherry-picked retail spaces to offer her entire eyewear range for a three-week period.

As Walker tells us at the Sydney launch at Paddington’s Incu, the concept was conceived as a way to give back to her loyal retail stores. “We have so many stockists we rely on around the world, that have been so supportive of us for so long,” she says. “We wanted it to be a little treat for them.”

Designing eyewear is a bit of a fun for Walker, who added frames and sunglasses to her brand almost 10 years ago. “What I like about it, is being able to put a different point of view into the market. We always endeavour to do things differently and whatever we launch, it has to have our handwriting on it.”

And that handwriting and notable aesthetic – a celebration of the past via retro colours and simple shapes – is there in spades. “My point of view with the range was bigger, flatter, chunkier, rounder, more colourful – taking one aspect and going more!” says Walker.

But beyond that, the craftsmanship is impeccable. Indeed, New Zealand-based Walker has always been a sucker for quality. Each frame is handmade and incredibly well wearing and durable.

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As well as offering the entire, previously sold-out collections, Candy Bar will feature five new shades: Harvest in milky cream, Helter Skelter in strawberry, Number Six in toffee, Deep Freeze in bubblegum and Perfect Day in vanilla.

Karen Walker eyewear works naturally with the apparel range, largely because Walker is so involved in the minutiae of the design process.

“We come to eyewear from the same point of view and taste,” she says. “That preference of throwing opposites together.

“And so, while we don’t design the ranges at the same time, we come to it with the same eye.”

Karen Walker Candy Bar will be at Incu Clothing in Paddington throughout November.

We’re giving away a pair of toffee coloured frames by Karen Walker. To win them, email us at with the subject ‘Karen Walker Candy Bar’.