The 5TH opened in 2014 with a unique business model: the online store is only open five days in a month.

The Melbourne-based brand began with watches, then expanded to bags and now it’s launched a sunglasses range with 10 unisex frames, designed by Californian product designer Thomas Moran.

The collection is a minimal and modern interpretation of classic designs. The inspiration? Iconic film characters.

“We thought if clothing can be stars of movies, like Marty McFly’s puffer vest from Back to the Future, or James Dean’s red jacket, sunglasses could too,” says The 5TH managing director Alex McBride.

Take your pick from the “Clarence”, modelled on Whoopi Goldberg’s shades in Sister Act, the “Golightly” a throwback to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the “Goodson”, named after Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

The five styles each come in two colourways, and are handmade in Italy. While each references a classic Hollywood film, they’re not exactly retro. The sleek acetate frames and simple metal detailing keep the styles firmly modern.

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As with the rest of The 5TH‘s products, a limited amount of sunglasses will be on sale on the brand’s online store for five days each month. Customers sign up to the website to receive updates and an exclusive store password to access new products.

“We didn’t see our view as being confined to watches,” McBride says. “We had lots of feedback from our last customer survey saying people wanted to see us to small leather accessories and sunglasses.

“There’s also this element of wanting to create a ‘lifetime brand’, where we can provide products for every stage of someone’s life.”