If you find yourself in Darlinghurst between now and Valentine’s Day you’ll inevitably be drawn to newly opened Hermetica Flowers’ window display, designed and executed by co-owners Edward West and Jai Winnell. An impossible-to-ignore display of more than 600 roses will be blanketed in the window, all strung together with copper wire to create a fragrant curtain.

The window display is just one example of the unique approach Winnell and West have envisioned for their new florist space. It’s been a homecoming of sorts for Winnell, who started his career in floristry in the very same space a decade ago, which back then was named Deluca Florist.

After spending the past seven years in London freelancing, working for floral designers and making superlative terrariums under the moniker Hermetica London, both Winnell and West have come back home to get back into flowers but are “keeping the name and ethos of Hermetica London – simplicity and freshness”, says Winnell.

“It’s been a great response so far, we’ve been run off our feet,” he says. Its first day of business saw the florist completely sell out of stock. “It wasn’t just friends and family coming along, it was everybody in Darlinghurst stopping by. It was such a huge response.”

After also previously working at Potts Point’s popular Poho Flowers, Winnell knows how important finding the right location is. “I really think it’s something Darlinghurst has been waiting for; a nice, new florist,” he says.

The space itself is overwhelmingly clean and Spartan in design, the bare fit-out allowing the flowers themselves to be the real star of the space. “The colours of the flowers just pop in here. We’ve got colour-changing lights so we can do great mood lighting at night,” explains Winnell. “It’s really special.”

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On floristry style, Winnell is excited for the first time to have the opportunity to flex his creative muscles, develop his own personal style and bring what he had learnt from his time in London with him. “I have learnt how to do very minimal, clean-line floristry so hopefully what we are doing is different from what everyone else is doing,” says Winnell. “We’ll see, we’re still in our early stages and we’re still evolving.”

Hermetica Flowers
237 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 9380 4725

Mon to Sat 8.30am–6.30pm
Sun 9am–4pm