In the years, since Deus first landed in Camperdown, Sydney has experienced a resurgence in custom-motorcycle culture and allied fashion. Meekly tucked within this renaissance, pioneering from the shadows (until now), has been Sydney’s Sol Invictus.

Like the word “Deus”, sol invictus is a Latin reference to divinity. Its new showroom is also located a few paces from Deus’s goliath flagship store. Which, as much as we’d like to interpret as a motorcycle turf war, is just a happy coincidence for anyone planning to visit both. The space itself is also much more modest – it was built around an existing workshop, and exudes the kind of authenticity design can’t buy.

The showroom houses a fleet of project bikes, branded swag and riding accessories as well as five or six motorcycles produced under the Sol Invictus banner. Sol Invictus distinguishes itself from the likes of Deus with these bikes. Where Deus is known for customising bikes built by second-party manufacturers, such as Yamaha, Sol Invictus is renowned for patiently and painstakingly producing motorcycles from the ground up.

Foregoing an integrated cafe or espresso bar, the Sol Invictus shopfront has a sparser format compared with its larger counterparts (at least for now).

There’s no telling how this space will evolve over the next year, particularly considering the mounting popularity of this brand. Either way, we’re inclined to soak up the modest atmosphere before it expands.

Sol Invictus
130 Parramatta Poad, Camperdown
(02) 4023 5575

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