Interval is by Australian fashion designer, Kara Liu. Her aim is to create elegant garments for every day.

Liu, a former intern to Alexander Wang, and the winner of the Glue One Per Cent design competition, is obsessed with textiles. She bases her design process around fabrics and their tactile elements. “Interval is a brand that has to be touched,” she says. Textural inspiration comes from the sizeable collection of fabric samples Liu has collected over the years. “All the time I’ve spent sourcing and choosing the fabrics shows through in the garments,” she says.

This attention to detail, along with the accessible price point, has meant multiple stockists have already snapped up the brand. Last month the winter collection was launched at Myer, Curated by Glue Store, Topshop Australia, Abicus, Fox & Dove, Kawani and Wolf and Ordnance.

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The collection has an impressive range of natural fibres, including silk, cotton and bamboo. There’s an emphasis on oversized knitwear and cashmere merino for the cooler months. The range keeps to a monochrome palette. “We all lead busy, chaotic lives,” says Liu. “I really enjoy the rare moment of solitude when I can be mindful; Interval is that moment in time – that space in between,” says Liu.

The silhouettes for Interval are clean, crisp and beautifully understated. Fine detailing complements its simple and minimalist aesthetic. “I prefer subtlety over extravagance. Garments should complement the wearer, not overshadow her,” says Liu.