Romance was Born
To celebrate Anna Plunkett and Luke Sale's 10th show at MBFWA, the fashionable set were invited to a salon-style garden party on a private property in Sydney. The models made themselves at home by acting out fantastical mise-en-scenes in the various living spaces. They lounged around in the sun, with Paul Mac tinkling on the piano, sipping on tea and cocktails before the harbour. Their faces were masked in gauze and their hair was big and bright. Think velvet; winged capes; floaty silk dresses; feathers; fur; bell-sleeved blouses and sequins. The brocaed and metallic embellished slippers were a key look, peeping out from beneath full skirts. It was hard to look away from the scruffy rainbow fur coat.

Di$count Univer$e
The motto of the Melbourne label Di$count Univer$e is "do what you want". Their wild work is loved by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. to the punk, fetish, glam rock and camp influences. Slogans with everything from "sin is in" to "sex is in" donned cherry-coloured, spandex jumpsuits and denim. The studded navy leather jacket was a standout. There was also a tribe of impeccably dressed drag queens in the audience.

Emma Mulholland
The intergalactic girl gang honoured David Bowie and Prince via stardust on their faces and references throughout the collection. The models strode along the chequered floor, which seemed to fall away into a vortex, with a neon instillation above. Who’s to say you can't team a beaded bra with a pastel pink bomber jacket and a feathered technicolour tinsel skirt? There's something very Kenzo about this brand.

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Debuting at MBFWA, Kit Willow (formerly the head designer at Willow) displayed her new sustainable label at the Paddington Reservoir gardens. What was initially a restriction - not being able to play music in a public space - turned out to be a blessing. It was a pocket of quiet in a busy week. Willow opted for an orchestra to play alongside the operatic voice of Connie Mitchell from Sneaky Sound System. The location was a highlight, with aged stone columns and arches giving the collection an almost gothic quality. Willow created soft, supple silhouettes out of silk with military-inspired kimonos and draped cross neck gowns in hemp and cotton. Knee-high boots came in khaki leather and snakeskin.

Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin of the New York-based label returned home to showcase their Resort '17 collection, inspired by Nina Simone. Amanda Chan opened the fast-paced show in a knotted turban and a floor-length midnight black gown. The classic shirting was reimagined with large star detailing, which was paired with trench coats.